Sunday, 1 February 2009

No More A Rake And No More A Bachelor.

I don't like my pictures from my last project. So I won't dampen your days with them. Most of them are too blurry and fuzzy to make out anyway. Unless you want some thrilling straight lines? Nopes? Wasn't sure you would.

I have my tattoo on the horizon. That's exciting to me. Soon, my Triforce shall be complete, and I will be the geekiest person I know. And I am a wonderful person to know. Thrilling. I promise you.

On to more pressing issues. Colin Meloy - I will kidnap you and keep you in my walk in wardrobe until you write a song for me. Then you'll be free to go. In fact, it doesn't even have to be about me. Just mention my name and I'll sleep soundly for the rest of my life.

I think I'm going to have to use my much hyped birthday present to go and see them in America. The thought gives me genuine joy.

And on a completely shallower note, I want new glasses, and a new hair cut. Something drastic has to happen. And it has to happen soon. I'm so completely bored of being myself right now.

Maybe a couple of pictures. To go unappreciated. You know, you big anonymous internet, you're most unhelpful in my quest for pretentiousness you know. How am I supposed to be a misunderstood artist if you fail to pay me any attention?

That last sentence was all the pretentiousness I can muster for today. I am so completely drained. It's nice to feel numb though. It's much more peaceful than being stressed out, hectic and miserable.


I am a super poser. Don't let me convince you otherwise, it's faux modesty.


Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Ankle.

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