Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Watching It Slip Away

Okay. I've taken photos that don't relate to either Straight Lines or Pinholes, and it was actually rather lovely. Of course, they were all on film, So I can't actually show them off. Darn.

Also, I fail at blogging. There's just not enough interesting buggery going on in my skull. I could write a story. But I think stories that aren't going to be read are dull.

It's awfully cliched to be miserable about nothing. In fact, I'm not entirely sure it's even cliched. It's just pathetic. I need to break out of this funk, and the sooner the better. It's getting silly. I'd like to get through a day where I don't want to burst into tears at some point.

I don't feel terribly complete. I can't explain what I mean. I feel like I'm fragments of a person, but I can't stick together. Like there's something missing and so I keep falling apart. What's missing I have no idea. Maybe I should go to the doctors and get some of his fancy meds. I know I like to think I'm above them, and that if I'm feeling down, there's a valid reason for it and I need to work through it. But I just don't know what's getting to me.

Keep focused Katie. Let's redirect this angst into productiveness. Maybe we could start with tidying the bedroom eh?

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