Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Leaning Against The Bathroom Wall In Your Lonely Dress

I spent 7 hours on the train today.

The white fields were exciting for half an hour. But they seemed repetative after that. It was pretty though. Lovely snow.

The Watchmen is interesting. I figure I should read it so my hopes can be dashed by the upcoming movie. That, and I'll just look so much cooler if I've read the book. I'm only about a quarter through it so far. I worry that I don't have the mind for comic books. I get confused by them much to often. Dark Knight Returns is a good example of this - It just seems very 'jumpy', the points don't flow. Maybe I have a lazy brain. Comic books are meant for geeks after all. Everyone knows they have magic minds.

My escalating obsession with Mr. Meloy continues. I question my mentality sometimes. 20 year olds should know they can't be friends with their idols. That's why their idols are idols. Idols are something that should be unobtainable - something to look up to when you're way down here.

But Colin.. I'm almost positive I could kidnap him.

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