Sunday, 25 November 2007

Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good

This week has seen the coming and going of a strange and twisted love affair with Ray Parker Jr, Possibly the most pointless college trip ever embarked upon, getting drunk whilst spending no money whatsoever, and most excitingly snow!

I say exciting. The concept of snow is exciting. Actual snow is very very cold, and inevitably means I will be very very cold, regardless of being in or out of my house. The looming threat that our heater might be taken away in the name of 'health and safety' only worsens my hatred of winter.

Winter is an essentially pointless season. Made all the worse by a lack of car.

On with the pictures of the cold fluffy stuff!

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My housemates were not at all appreciative of my art when it meant leaving the front door open for 15 minutes whilst I pissed around in the snow.

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I just liked the look of this. No witty comment here I'm afraid. The snow looks good though.

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I'm almost positive, that snowflakes are suicidal pieces of cloud. Why else would they fall from the sky onto hot objects like lamps. Or leave themselves open to be trod on. Rise up my snow bretherin! Together we will form a sky revoloution!

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'I'm safe from the snow, because I have a heater and a car. I can witness the loveliness that is the snow, from a warm, safe, and dry area.'

Well fine mr. Car. I hate you, and hope you break down sometime in the very near future.

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