Sunday, 4 November 2007

Get Some Colours On

It struk me at about 4ish this morning..

A lot of super commented pictures are macro's of flowers or black and white. These are generally boring. Even if I do resort to it on occassion. I try and avoid it. Empty Kopprberg cans and the hole I burned into a sheet by leaving hair straigteners on it are far more telling of what being a photographer is about.

But, for you mother, I will avoid posting the horror that is studenty digs. You've been there before, you don't need to relive the horror.

Pasta for the win!

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Dave is a legend amongst men and Spartans alike. He strikes the landscape as if it was a wounded ferrit. Pounce and snap. The ferrits neck I mean.

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If lectures have taught me anything so far, it's that sequencing is very important in reguards to the layout of Photographs. Thusly, I present to you, a tree from the park Dave and I visited on the way home from college. It fits in, because the previous picture was taken whilst leaning against the starring tree. Because I'm lazy. Tree's are not a great love of mine.. They don't hold mystic legends of the past I can capture in Photography, however, they sometimes look funny, which I why I document them.

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Mmm, faux artist! It was dark, there was a train. Funnily enough at the train station. This prompted loud comments about heroin.

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I sneezed whilst trying to hold the camera still. I liked it. It makes me feel pretentious and neon, both at the same time!

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