Friday, 7 December 2007

Top Marks For Not Trying

I think it's common knowledge that I'm lazy.

Equally, a lesser known fact is, I've taken a zillion photo's recently. They all seem too samey though.

My camera is apparently broken. It's fine in normal light (you know, flourescent lights, daylight etc), but drag the thing kicking and screaming into a studio, What some would consider the Camera's spiritual home. Its Mecca, It's Lourdes, you know the dealio, and it decides 'No. I'm not playing this game'.

I learnt this today, and I was saddened.

All the shots come out massivly overexposed. Now, because I'm amazing, I did manage to get some pretty funky shots. Equally, It was irritating because I was trying to do a Portraits/Fashion shoot. (Thats what the brief was for...)

It took an hour to figure out the camera has some flaw. I was just glad to know I wasn't being a dip and shooting in the wrong mode, with the wrong apperture or something equally silly. But, when even a seasoned lecturer is stumped, you know it's not entirely your bad.

So, For your benefit. I am providing you with entertainment from my first official uni photo shoot. Unfortunatly, Nudity featured.

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Hairless, my dear chum. He serenaded me with High School Musical tunes, and I appreciated it. Good old HSM. It's funky stuff kiddies. I will also note here, Thank you guys for bearing with me for 2 hours while we faffed about with lighting and flashes.

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Mmm, A breif pause in Grants ceasless over posing. A particular favourite was the fake laugh and point.

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Hot Stuff.

I take this picture as proof that I am a proffessional. Even If I just had to keep repeating under my breath 'he's just a giant piece of meat'...

Funny story actually. While young hairless was undressing for this hilarity, a group of prospective students entered the studio on an open day tour. Cue endless giggling and hairless hiding behind a reflecter, with no clothing to save him.

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