Sunday, 1 June 2008

Apply Some Pressure

Dear Apple.

I'd like to think I'm fairly loyal to you. If for the wrong reasons. I've owned three iPods, and last August, I bought a Macbook Pro. Oh how I reveled in it's shiny aluminium case, it's glowy apple, it's super cooling image processing capabilities. It's now the start of June. My beloved Mac is in the repair shop. The harddrive died. As did the optical drive. Not even a year.

I lost all the work I've done in the last month, mostly due to my own stupidity, and forgetting to take the external hard drive back to uni with me. All the same though, I think it's entirely reasonable to expect that your work would be fine for a month when the machine it's on isn't even a year old. Seriously.

I'm not even getting into the two iPods that broke. And the rudeness I experienced when trying to get one of the iPods fixed. I don't like to dwell on the past, as should be obvious from the fact that I bought the Mac in the first place.

I'm dissapointed Apple, I'll be completely honest. Time and time again, I've given you chance after chance, and all I get is a big 'fuck you' at deadline time. Oh yes, I've had to work my ass off this past weekend to try and get some of my work back so I have something to hand in tomorrow so I don't fail this year. You almost cost me well over £4000.

I won't be buying a new mac when my 3 years warranty is up, and the mac dies again, (because to be honest, I completely expect it to die again and again)I'll probably just buy a dell or something. At least that won't be a hugely expensive mistake. A few hundred is in no way comparable to two grand.

I'll still defend you when people slag you off and call you pretentious though.. But mostly for my sanity.

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