Monday, 8 October 2007

Three Digit Fix

I can’t bring myself to explain why I’m once again blogging.

All previous attempts at blogging have gone somewhat awry. Probably due to a lack of commitment on my own part.

This all said, I really don’t want this to turn into a ‘My life is so hard, nobody understands my problems, which are deep and numerous, except you – Internet people!’

My life, in reality, has been cushy as hell. I have issues, but hell, nowadays, who doesn’t. As far as psychologically analysing people goes, everybody’s depressed apparently. I should know, having an A Level in a subject makes you an expert in my head.

I’m generally full of desire and motivation to write something. Write anything really. I just like the letters. I like my overly elaborate handwriting, I love finding a font that is anything but Comic Sans, and then pretending I’m sophisticated as hell.

I like to take Photo’s, but since I arrived in this vast sprawling city of Hereford for University, the only photo’ I’ve actually taken are of housemates to show my little brothers. University, thus far, is a bit of a drag, as we have not yet touched upon picking up a camera. I need a project. Unfortunately I don’t know how to just go out and take pictures for myself. This said, that probably stems from the fact that I’m convinced theirs really not that much to take new pictures of. In my head, I’m on an unceasing quest to find something original. I can’t deal with landscapes. They do my head in. Yes, they’re pretty, and yes, the sunset is gorgeous… But there’s only so many times you can ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over vast stretches of green with a sky of reds and pinks.

Hopefully blogging will encourage me to take more shots, if only to storybook these ‘thoughts for the day’.

I’d quite like to go home. Because my house is too cold, and I may be cursed, as in my two weeks here, I’ve broken 2 glasses. And I’m too lazy to tidy my room. In which there is a broken mug from 3 days ago…

P.S. Genuine Prize for the first person to tell me where my blog title came from.

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