Monday, 14 January 2008

It's Cold Outside, But It's Warm In Bed

Good old Wham!

They should definitely get back together. I'm going to buy a Wham T-shirt and everything.

SingStar is a big hit in our house. Almost good to a point of addiction. Today it even took precedence over Neighbours, and everyone who's anyone knows Neighbours is practically a religion in our house.

Anyway, on to photo's.

This is the back of ASDA. Not only is it a nice looking photo in an artsy fartsy kind of way, but it's a testament to how far I walked, and similarly to my overwhelming ability to not follow directions after ringing my parent's telling them I was lost.. Obviously, I'm safe in my room again. Even if I did get cold and soaked by the rain...

He looked lost, and it only seemed fair to document him. To help him. Obviously.

I don't know really what can be said about this. I could make a comment about society falling apart, yaddah, yaddah. But I'm not so into all that kind of thing.

There was a crucifix in a garden. Not a church or anything nearby. I just thought it was odd.. And kind of cool at the same time. The sign would have been way cooler if it said something hilarious and pun worthy. Alas, no such luck. Oh Swells.

I figure every good photographer needs a good under a bridge shot. So this is mine. And hopefully this will be the last one. Bridges are horrific in terms of lighting and such. The fact it was a dark and rainy afternoon probably didn't help.

Maybe it's just me who find's it odd, but almost every time I walk past a phonebox, someone seems to be in it. I had to wait a while for the people to leave to get this shot. I've never before seen so many phoneboxes occupied.. Maybe it's a city thing.

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